Moby GO Carrier – Barberry
Moby GO Carrier – Barberry
Moby GO Carrier – Barberry
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By Moby

For babies weighing at least 15 lbs., the Moby GO is the ideal carrier for children who have excellent head and neck control. The design of the GO holds your little one in a developmentally appropriate, ergonomic position that keeps your child close and comfortable while he/she grows.  Just the like the Moby Wrap, the GO has wide shoulder straps that cross in back to evenly distribute baby's weight. Rather than a difficult buckle inconveniently placed between the wearer's shoulders, the GO has easy-to-reach side buckles. 

- Wide shoulder straps in a cross-shoulder design

- Easy-to-reach side buckles

- Stylish design on the front, without pocket/hood

- Ergonomic seat design with a 14.5" seat and a 18" tall body

- Unique dual foam waist belt that adjusts from 26" to 54"

- Perfect for babies 15 to 45 pounds


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