Tips to Calm Babies Who Hate Car Rides

Crying Baby in Car Ride

The picture to the right is of my newborn son leaving the hospital. As you can see, he was not very happy about being strapped into a car seat. We quickly learned that car rides from that day on were going to be a painful experience for him and for us. The first difficult task I had to learn was to focus on the driving and ignore the crying. I always made sure to feed, burp and change him before … Continue reading

Captain, may I borrow a parachute? Travel tips from a frequent-flyer mom


Flight Madrid-Miami, about 1 hour into the flight my 23 month-old asks: “Are we there yet? OK Mommy, let’s get out of this plane now.” My husband stares at me with a panic face. How will we survive the next 9 hours with a hyper-active toddler? When I thought another hour had passed, I realized it had only been 10 minutes. 10 hours felt like eternity. Traveling with a baby can be challenging. Traveling with a child can be overwhelming, tiring. … Continue reading