Coping with Colic – Remedies That Worked For My Colicky Baby

Colic Baby with Happi Tummi

Colic is defined as episodes of crying for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week in an otherwise healthy child between the ages of two weeks and four months. Even with so much research and cases of colicky babies (up to 25% of all babies suffer from colic), doctors still don’t know the exact cause of colic and no single treatment has proved to make colic completely go away. My son Lucas experienced colic … Continue reading

Baby Massage Helps Relieve Colic and Soothe Babies

Baby Massage to Relieve Colic

Dealing with a crying baby is part of being a parent, but trying to soothe an inconsolable baby experiencing prolonged crying spells can be extremely challenging and overwhelming for any parent.  I had a very colicky baby and did a lot of research on baby soothing techniques.  I read about infant massage being an effective technique to relieve colic in babies and decided to give it a try. I attempted to massage my baby several times during actual crying episodes … Continue reading

Tips to Calm Babies Who Hate Car Rides

Crying Baby in Car Ride

The picture to the right is of my newborn son leaving the hospital. As you can see, he was not very happy about being strapped into a car seat. We quickly learned that car rides from that day on were going to be a painful experience for him and for us. The first difficult task I had to learn was to focus on the driving and ignore the crying. I always made sure to feed, burp and change him before … Continue reading

How a Consistent Bedtime Routine Can Help Babies Sleep Through the Night

Sleeping Baby

The number one question I get from parents is “How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?” Some babies are great sleepers and will sleep through the night at a very early age. As those lucky parents tell the world about their baby’s sleep habits, the sleep-deprived parents, who are tired and frustrated, search for answers. “Why isn’t my baby sleeping?” I feel like I repeat this in every single post, but the truth is, every baby … Continue reading

How to Swaddle Your Baby: Your Baby Swaddling Questions Answered!

Baby Swaddling

Swaddling is a great way to soothe your baby, but it must be done properly! The most frequently asked swaddling questions are answered below. What is swaddling? Swaddling consists of snugly wrapping an infant in a blanket/cloth for warmth and comfort. It is an ancient practice that is currently used all over the world. What are the benefits of swaddling? –  It soothes and calms babies by making them feel cozy and secure. Swaddling recreates the security of the womb. – … Continue reading