The Best Winter Products for Babies & Toddlers

Winter can be so tough on baby’s skin (eczema, chapped lips, dry skin) and general health (it’s cold and flu season).  Both of my kids have very sensitive skin, and I have tried numerous moisturizers, diaper rash creams, and eczema products. We are also dealing with a lot of colds and ear infections this season.  It is February and I am already counting the days for spring!

I have compiled a list of my favorite winter products that have helped soothe, comfort and treat my kids’ colds and skin issues.

Saline Nasal SpraySaline Nasal Spray

Saline solution helps relieve congestion by loosening up clogged mucus. I usually apply a few drops of saline and then suction each nostril with a bulb syringe. My babies never liked “suctioning time” but it is the best way to clear their stuffy noses and make them more comfortable, particularly before feedings.


Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier by DuuxHumidifiers add moisture to the air, which helps ease coughing and congestion due to a cold. Crane offers a wide variety of humidifiers (they even come in adorable animal shapes). We have the Penguin Crane Cool Mist Humidifier. We have opted for a cool mist humidifier because it is safer than a warm mist humidifier (kids can get burned if they get too close to warm mist humidifiers).  Another humidifier that has been getting great reviews is the Duux ultrasonic air humidifier. It is compact and modern and creates immediate cold mist using 80% less power than other humidifiers (it also comes with a nightlight option). Duux also sells an air purifier that removes 99% of harmful allergens and pollutants in the air. The air purifier comes with an oil vessel for aromatherapy, which is soothing for babies and toddlers.

RaZbaby Soothing Vaporizer Clip & Pacifier Holder with aromatherapySoothing Vaporizer Clip & Pacifier Holder

The RaZbaby Soothing Vaporizer Clip & Pacifier Holder provides gentle aromatherapy for babies with colds. It comes with two refill pads: Eucalyptus/Menthol that provides soothing comfort for babies with colds and Lavender that naturally calms and relaxes babies. What an awesome invention, a universal pacifier holder that soothes babies!

Soothing/Healing Ointment

Susan Brown’s Baby All Purpose Botanical GeléeDuring cold weather, my son’s lips get chapped and he continuously licks around them creating a rash that looks like “clown lips.” My daughter occasionally has dry patches on her face and arms, a mild eczema that gets worse during winter.  I have used these 3 multi-purpose ointments on my kids’ dry skin and gotten good results:

– Aquaphor.  It soothes and helps protect extremely dry, chapped or chafed skin and lips caused by winter weather. It also helps heal gentle eczema. Its active ingredient is Petrolatum (aka petroleum jelly).

- Susan Brown’s Baby All Purpose Botanical Gelée. This ointment is a safe alternative to petroleum jelly and is another multi-purpose product that can be used on tender bottoms by sealing out wetness and in the treatment of eczema, cradle cap, and other tender skin conditions. It easily spreads on dry patches creating a protective barrier.

- Mum + Bub Soothing Ointment: a naturally-derived ointment that can be used as a diaper ointment and on minor cuts, chapped lips, insect bites, cracked or chafed skin, and wind burn. I also use Mum + Bub on myself (on my elbows and dry feet).

Eczema tips: Apply a moisturizer/ointment within 3 minutes after bathing to “lock in” moisture. Also, use a mild, dye-free laundry detergent. I noticed a huge improvement in my daughter’s eczema when we started using Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent.

Baby Sleeping SackSleeping Bags

Baby sleeping bags ensure that your baby/toddler is always covered and warm, regardless of how actively they may sleep. Designed as a wearable blanket, they are a safer and more comfortable alternative to traditional loose baby bedding. You can find sleeping bags in different tog weights for each season. aden + anais sells lightweight sleeping bags (one layer of muslin cotton) and cozy sleeping bags (four layers of muslin cotton) for cool nights. I also like the Grobag sleep bags that come in different tog weights and have adorable designs.

Check out our selection of sleeping bags here.


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