How to Get a Toddler to Sleep

Getting a toddler to sleep can be challenging.  Usually, the more tired they are, the more reluctant they are to go to bed. I try to keep a very consistent and calming bedtime routine with my kids. Consistency/predictability helps toddlers feel safe and secure making it easier for them to develop good sleep habits. Our routine starts with a warm bath, lotion (I still massage my toddler and she loves it), comfortable pajamas, story time, and lullabies. Every night, my kids ask me to sing their favorite song when they are tucked in. Hearing their favorite song and their mommy’s voice probably calms and comforts them.  Also, they don’t go to bed without their cuddly blanket and favorite stuffed animal. Blankies/stuffed animals are important transitional objects that provide comfort and security for toddlers.

Here are my recommendations of products that can help toddlers have a smooth transition from playtime to bedtime and make bedtime ritual a more pleasant experience for parents and kids.

Comfortable PajamasFun & Comfy Pajamas 

My daughter loves Minnie Mouse and my son is obsessed with Spider Man. I decided to buy pajamas that have their favorite characters and it was a big hit. They also love their matching pajamas from l’bKIDS. The l’bKIDS pajamas have a modern print/design and are super soft. My kids look forward to changing into their fun and comfortable pajamas every night.

Pejanimals Bedtime Routine BoardBedtime Routine Board

I have recently bought the Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board  and my kids love it.  The board includes four bedtime tasks: taking a bath, brushing teeth, putting pajamas on, and getting into bed. Every time a task is completed, we move the Pajanimals character associated with the task and a fun sound is played. When the kids complete the entire routine, the Pajanimals lullaby song plays and lights turn on. This board is a great tool to motivate toddlers to quickly complete their bedtime routine.

Security ObjectSecurity Object

Security objects (blankies, stuffed animal or toys) have a calming effect on kids. They provide kids with comfort/security, particularly at nighttime, when some suffer from “parent separation.” My daughter sleeps every night with a security blankie and  Bobbee Snuggle Bear.

Kids nightlightNightlight

My son doesn’t like his room very dark and we have the Safety First Touch LED Nightlight in his room.  He also has the Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Glowing Balls. He loves playing with the portable glowing balls. You can select a favorite glow color or let the different colors keep circulating. The glow fades after about 30 minutes when the ball is removed from the pedestal.

Kids light projectorLight Projector

Light projectors make bedtime both fun and soothing.  I recommend the Pajanimals Goodnight Projector which is part light show and part music box. You don’t need to worry about it staying on all night because it has a 12-minute auto shut-off timer. I also like the Cloud B Twilight LadyBug and Turtle, which project actual star constellations with 3 soothing colors and have a timer. Timers are very important and I would not leave the lights and music on for more than 15-30 minutes to avoid over-stimulation and to ensure the room is dark enough for deep sleep.

Toddler Clock

Toddler Sleep TrainingAre your kids waking up too early? Mine did for a long time…I did a lot of research on clocks that would help sleep train my toddlers. The two clocks that I recommend are My Tot Clock and the Kid’Sleep Moon Nightlight & Sleep Training Clock. My Tot Clock changes colors to teach kids when to sleep and wake up. It also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, wake music, and even white noise. The Kid’Sleep Moon Nightlight & Sleep Training Clock works as a night light and sleep trainer for young children and an alarm clock for older children. It has 3 settings for nighttime, nap and weekend; 4 choices of alarm sounds (or the choice of no alarm); and 4 levels of brightness; and 4 different choices of lullabies.

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