The Serenity Star: A Nursery Must-Have

Aden and Anais Serenity StarAt first (without having a full understanding of its functionality), I was skeptical about the Serenity Star. I thought it was too pricey – the star costs approximately $90. But, it is an aden+anais product, and I am a big fan of the design and quality of their swaddles, blankets, and skincare products. I was intrigued about this product and had to learn more and test the star myself.

After testing it, I came to the conclusion that the Serenity Star is a must-have for every nursery. Let me tell you everything I love about this multi-functional baby product.

Its Design

This adorable white star integrates perfectly with any nursery décor and its soft glow makes it a great nightlight for your baby’s room. I also like its size, which is perfect for portability (in the house and for travel).  The star comes with a power cord and can also be battery operated.

Its Functionality

My favorite function of the Serenity Star is that it’s a great sound machine.  After having a very fussy baby, I know that white noise is a very effective way to soothe babies. The star includes soothing lullabies and white noise (including a heartbeat mode) and you can program the device to stop playing after 30 minutes or one hour. The quality of the music is good and volume is adjustable.

The star also functions as a feeding diary. You can record the time and the side your baby last nursed on. I used to keep a paper diary when I was breastfeeding, so I find this feature extremely helpful.  The only downside is that not necessarily you always feed your baby at the same location. So you will have to go back to the nursery (or to the room where you keep the star) to input the information. Keep in mind that the star is also battery operated, so it is portable.

Other great features of the Serenity Star are the room temperature indicator (the star’s color changes into a soft blue if the room is too cold or into a soft red if the room is too hot) and clock (I like that the time is visible at all times in the room).

You can replace multiple devices in your nursery with the Serenity Star. It is adorable, functional, and compact. You will love it. 

Aden + Anais Serenity Star


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