Best Teething Toys to Soothe Babies’ Sore Gums

Best teethers for babiesTeething is not only stressful for babies but also for us, parents.   All we want as parents is to comfort our babies when they are experiencing pain. Teething often creates fussiness, irritability, drooling, feeding and sleeping problems.  Finding the teether that works best for your baby may require trying a few different ones. Your baby’s preference will depend on where he/she is in the development stage. Some teethers are easier to grasp than others, which is an important consideration for the ones in the early stages of development.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite teethers in the market and home teething remedies.  If you haven’t found the right teether for your baby yet, try one of these!

Gumdrop teething pacifierTEETHING PACIFIERS

Pacifiers with bumpy texture are great to soothe sore gums.  I like the GumDrop Teething Pacifier by the First Years, which has the same nipple shape as the popular “soothie,” and the RaZ-Berry Teether, which has a nipple in the shape of a raspberry.  Both are made of silicone and can be chilled for extra teething relief.

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Floating star teething ringBEST TEETHING RINGS

Teething rings are the classic teethers and come in a variety of shapes and textures. Babies love to chew on rubber, plastic and even wood rings.  I like the water-filled teething rings that can be chilled like The Floating Stars Teether by the Learning Curve.  It is easy to grasp and the cold helps numb the baby’s gums providing pain relief.  Also very popular are the natural wooden teething rings by Camden Rose and Little Sapling Toys.

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Mortimier the MooseI love toys that include teethers, rattles, and multiple colors/textures. They keep your baby entertained and engaged and also provide teething relief! One of my favorites is Mortimer the Moose by Lamaze which comes with multiple textures, colors, sounds, rings and teether antlers. It also comes with a ring for attaching it to car seats, strollers, swings and bouncers.

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star teething blankieAnother great “multi-purpose” teether is a teething blankie.  Babies love small blankets for security/comfort. A teether attached to each corner of a baby blankie is definitely a bonus! We love colorful blankies with multiple teething textures like the Nuby’s Teething Blankie and The First Year’s Star Teething Blankie.  Another teething blankie that is adorable and functional is the Teether Blankie by Petite Frites. They are made of a very soft fabric and include a natural maple wooden ring, two pima cotton hand-crocheted shapes, and a cotton-stuffed gingham fabric star attached to each corner of the blankie.

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teething feederAnother teething favorite: mesh feeders! Parents buy mesh feeders to promote self-feeding and safely introduce solids to their babies. An additional feature of mesh feeders is that they are great teethers.  Probably one of the best in my opinion.  You can put anything in it, but for teething relief, try ice, frozen fruits/vegetables, chamomile tea ice cubes, or even frozen breastmilk.


One of the most popular teething toys, invented in France in 1961, is Sophie the Giraffe. Babies simply love Sophie! It is slender, flexible, soft (made of natural rubber), and baby can squeeze and chew it. Sophie is easy to grasp which is perfect for babies experiencing their first signs of teething. I also like the new Lela the fawn teether, a natural rubber teething toy with similar features.

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vibrating teetherBEST MOTION TEETHERS

Vibrating/massaging teethers are also very effective teethers. I particularly like the Massaging Star Teether by the First Years. Each corner of the star has a different texture and it produces a soothing vibration every time babies bite down.  It also has a little spinning rattle at the handle to keep baby entertained.

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A lot of parents swear by the effectiveness of amber beaded necklaces for babies. Due to potential choking hazard, I am not a fan of beads around a baby’s neck, wrist, or ankle. However, based on the positive feedback I hear from parents, I do encourage parents to do their independent research and learn more about amber necklaces.

teething jewelryI am a big fan of the fashionable and practical necklaces (beaded and pendants) that moms can wear and are safe for babies, like the Teething Bling. My baby was obsessed with my necklaces and now I can finally wear beautiful pendants that she can play with and chew on. A very important safety feature that these necklaces have is a breakway clasp. The pendants are made of silicone that looks just like stone and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free.

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If you also want to try home remedies for teething, here are some suggestions:

– Frozen wet washcloth
– Cold celery or carrot
– Frozen bagel or waffle
– Wooden cooking spoon
– Gently massage baby’s gums with your fingers



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