Duux Air Purifier
Duux Air Purifier
Duux Air Purifier
Price: $74.95

By Duux

Keep the air clean and save space with this compact, elegant air purifier. It removes up to 99.95% of harmful allergens and pollutants. The soothing blue light will make your child feel safe in the dark, and the essential oil vessel allows aromatherapy to be used, all to help your child sleep peacefully.



-       Filters allergens, pollutants, dust and odors

-       Purifies up to a 400 sq ft area

-       Doubles as a soft-blue night light

-       Silent operation

-       Also runs on a USB for use in the office

-       Oil tank to add aromatherapy

-       HEPA & Carbon filter in one to absorb fine particles and odors

-       Built-in Ionizer

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