Mortimer the Moose
Mortimer the Moose
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Mortimer the Moose comes complete with multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained and teether antlers.  The soothing sounds and soft texture help to calm your baby. As with all Play and Grow items, the moose comes complete with a Lamaze link that can be hooked to a diaper bag, car seat or stroller for easy on-the-go play. 

-          Cuddly and stimulating with multiple textures and sounds

-          Knottie legs

-          Clacking rings

-          Teethable antlers

-          Squeaker and rattle

Age: Birth and up

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Lamaze Play and Grow features collections of soft, lovable characters that encourage learning through play.  While these special toys are winning baby’s affection, their unique features are helping to develop the imagination and expand social and emotional skills.  They also help to stimulate vision, develop auditory senses, and refine motor abilities.


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