Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Black
Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Black
Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Black
Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Black
Baby K'tan Baby Carrier - Black
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The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an innovative soft cotton baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. There is no other carrier available like it. It is a ready-to-wear wrap that enables parents & caregivers to comfortably carry infants and toddlers (from birth to 3 years) in multiple positions.



- Multiple positions to conveniently carry your baby in style

- Easy to use, put on (no wrapping), and take off

- No buckles, rings, snaps, clasps, bulky padding, metal or plastic

- Soft, breathable, machine washable and dryer safe  (made of 100% breathable cotton with cross stretch soft knit fabric)

- Unique double-loop design and sliding back support band (patent pending) offers greater support for back and shoulders

- Calms fussy babies & creates an ideal environment for babies and babies with special needs

- Assists and promotes successful breastfeeding (discreetly nurse your baby while on the go)

- Durable enough to carry babies and toddlers from 8 pounds to preschool (35 pounds)

- Chiropractor, physical, occupational therapist and lactation specialist recommended

- Free matching sash included - sash converts to handy storage tote


See additional information below for sizing information and watch video below for instructions.

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* Size:



Carrier size XS- fits Women dress size 0-4

Carrier size S- fits Women dress size 6-8, Men suit jacket up to 38

Carrier size M- fits Women dress size 10-12, Men suit jacket 39-42

Carrier size L- fits Women dress size 14-16, Men suit jacket 43-46

Carrier size XL- fits Women dress size 18-22, Men suit jacket 47-50

Note: If you are petite (5'2" or under) or in between sizes, choose the smaller carrier size. If pregnant, use pre-pregnancy size to determine carrier size. 


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