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After spending hours on the Internet looking for ways to calm her extremely fussy baby, our founder realized that the Internet was full of information, but she could not find one site that not only had reliable information but also sold soothing products to help a desperate parent.  She didn’t know where to begin her search for products to calm her baby (swaddlers, slings, sound machines, positioners, calming lotions, etc).  The majority of baby stores had too many products grouped in broad categories.   After learning a lot on her own and talking to parents that shared similar experiences, she decided to create FefisBaby, a “one-stop” place where parents can learn, shop for soothing solutions and share their experiences.

Our research center is continuously updated and our store is SOLELY dedicated to soothing products.  The FefisBaby team focuses 100% of their time learning about new products in the market and solutions that are currently helping parents soothe their fussy babies.  We take pride in our research and dedication to this segment of the baby industry.
To read our founder’s story, please visit our blog “All About Fefis.”
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